How People’s Deputies Break the Law

Scandals including politicians are quite common nowadays. These cases are widely discussed since people deputies and ministers elected to act on behalf of the people of their country often attract more attention than any other does.

At present, one of the cases that caught people’s attention is the case against Novynskyi Vadym. He is suspected of seizure of Amstor property. Amstor is a chain of supermarkets and the whole case can cause a serious loss of the budget.

The Case with the Amstor Chain

The issue caught the attention of the journalists. According to the “Watchdogs”, the whole story with Novynskyi Vadym Vladyslavovych began in 2014. That winter the companies of the group started changing their owners. And it was not a simple case of transmission of rights for the property. Numerous forceful seizures were mentioned when discussing the event. The journalist stated, that it was a case of theft and accused Novynskyi Vadym of it.

The court also defined that the property of the former supermarket chain was captured illegitimately. The close investigation found that the state registrar received the falsified documents. Besides, it turned out, that the actual shareholders’ meetings weren’t held. However, at the moment of the court’s decision, the supermarkets were already subleased to the new companies. And though the buildings were arrested, the whole scheme still worked. The ownership of the equipment was registered for Amstor Retail Trade that is legally considered as a new corporate entity, so Amstor received nothing.

All that led to the disappearance of Amstor and the emergence of a totally new brand of supermarkets. The new markets still paid the rent, but it was sent to the accounts of the firms associated with Novynskyi Vadym. The journalists also state that the investigation and the final decision on the case are delayed on purpose. Specifically, it is known, that the pre-trial investigation of the case connected with the Novynskyi Vadym should be conducted by NABU as the person in question is the current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. In spite of that, the jurisdiction was passed to the district.

The Cases against Novynskyi Vadym

It is known that the parliamentary immunity was canceled by the Verkhovna Rada. It happened in autumn 2019. However, though the cases against the people’s deputies can be opened now, it is only the Prosecutor General who can open the case.

Gratan LLC applied to the court for opening the case against Novynskyi Vadym. He was accused of illegal capture of the property that belonged to the Amstor supermarket chain. The accusation also included the seizure of the property of Ukreksimbank. The criminal case against Novynskyi Vadym was opened by Iryna Venedyktova in December.

In addition to that, Novynskyi Vadym was involved in one more investigation. It was the fact of unlawful imprisonment of one of the Metropolitans Alexander Drabinko. Novynskyi Vadym was also a witness in the case. This case was closed in summer 2019. The current investigation of accusations against the politician Novynskyi Vadym is still active.

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