Politicians-Criminals of 21st Century

Unfortunately, the cases of politicians breaking the law are not rare nowadays. They often attract a lot of attention and arouse people’s indignation. One of such cases is investigated in Ukraine at present. It is the case of Novynskyi Vadym, current deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

The politician is accused of unlawful capture of the property that belongs to the chain of supermarkets Amstor. The damage of this can cost the budget above two billion hryvnias.

What Is Novynskyi Vadym Accused Of

The journalists of the “Pryamyi” channel state in their new issue that the case of property capture Vadym Novynskyi is now accused of started in 2014. That year in winter, the owners of companies that belonged to the Astor group began to change. What’s more, the numerous forceful seizures were mentioned in connection with these changes. The documents submitted to the state registrar turned out to be fake. The shareholders’ meeting that should take place in such cases was actually never held.

As a result, the court decision was that the change of supermarket owners was illegal. However, the decision was too late. The new companies have taken the stores under the sublease agreements. And though the buildings were arrested by the Pechersk Court of Kyiv and their use was forbidden, the whole scheme continued to work.

The Amstor network stopped its existence and instead, the markets of the new brand began to open. They still paid their rent but paid it to the companies associated with Novynskyi Vadym instead of the Amstor group. According to the statement of the journalists of “Watchdogs”, the investigation of this case is slowed down on purpose. Especially, they highlight the fact that the jurisdiction was passed to the district. Though, as Novynskyi Vadym is the current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the pre-trial investigation should be conducted by NABU.

Criminal Cases against Novynskyi Vadym

The parliamentary immunity was cancelled by Verkhovna Rada in autumn 2019. However, it is only the Prosecutor General who is empowered to open criminal proceedings against people’s deputies. Gratant LLC accused Novynskyi Vadym of illegal capture of the property belonging to the Amstor supermarket chain, as well as the property of Ukreximbank. They applied to the court requesting opening the case against the politician.

In September, according to the Pechersk District Court decision, the current Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova opened the case against Novynskyi Vadym. And it was not the only case Novynskyi Vadym was involved in. The Prosecutor General has already investigated the case against this politician before. Novynskyi Vadym was suspected of being involved in a case of illegal imprisonment. The imprisoned person was a Metropolitan Aleksander Drabinko. However, in summer 2019, the case against Novynskyi Vadym, who was not only a defendant but also a witness, was closed.

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