Politicians Seizing Property

Politicians Seizing Property and Novynskyi Vadym: what in common?

Criminal and fraud cases have always driven a lot of attention of journalists and the public especially if a well-known person is involved in the case. The accusations against politicians who were elected to protect the interests of the people of their country get even more attention.

Considering this, the interest in the case against the current deputy of Verkhovna Rada Novynskyi Vadym does not surprise. The politician is accused of the unlawful seizure of property of the supermarket chain Amstor. The journalists of the “Watchdogs” say that the case can damage the budget considerably and name the amount of above two billion hryvnias.

Novynskyi Vadym and the Case of Amstor Supermarket Chain

The accusation of theft and fraud has been hovering over Novynskyi Vadym since 2014. That winter the owners of the Amstor companies began to change. What’s more, the changing process was marked by several forceful seizures of property. The investigation showed that the documents submitted to the state registrar were false and that the shareholder meeting never took place. Therefore, the court concluded that the ownership transmission was illegal.

However, the court decision came too late. The stores were already subleased to other companies. Though the buildings were arrested by the Pechersk court and their use was forbidden, the general scheme continued to work. They registered the equipment for a new company called Amstor Retail Trade. As a result, the Amstor supermarkets disappeared and a new brand came into the market. The new markets paid rent to the firms associated with Novynskyi Vadym instead of Amstor group companies say the journalists of “Watchdogs”. Besides, they state that the whole investigation is delayed on purpose. The bright example is that since Novynskyi Vadym the defendant is the current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada the pre-trial investigation must be conducted by the NABU. Instead, the jurisdiction passed to the district.

Gratant LLC group applied to the court to open a case against Novynskyi Vadym because of the illegal capture of the Amstor supermarket chain property, as well as the property of Ukreximbank. As a result of the decision of the Verkhovna Rada made in September 2019, the immunity of people’s deputies is canceled. At the same time, the criminal proceedings against them can be opened by the Prosecutor General only. The current Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova opened the case against Novynskyi Vadym in the autumn. It was done as the result of the decision of the Pechersk Court of Kyiv.

Other Cases against Novynskyi Vadym

And this was not the only case against Novynskyi Vadym. The office of the Prosecutor General has already investigated the case against the politician. Novynskyi Vadym was accused of involvement in a case with illegal imprisonment. The imprisoned person was one of the Metropolitans, Alexander Drabinko. Novynskyi Vadym was a witness in this case as well. In summer 2019, this case against Novynskyi Vadym was closed.

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